Simivisionios (GY1S21), May,
2006 by Garry Fabian Miller

Over long careers, artists often return to the same themes and concepts - the sum of each days work and each day's experience adding to each new incarnation as perspectives, experience and even working methods change and evolve.

So too with our gallery programme - we have explored before the notion of flux, the idea that 'no man can step into the same river twice - for he is not the same man, and it is not the same river'. This is equally true for both artist and viewer. The joy of revisiting a particular work of art, or a particular artist or series can be in each new appreciation as the story continues to unfold.

Inspired by new additions to the seminal and iconic 'Structure of Thought' series by Doug & Mike Starn, we will look at each of our gallery artists and examine in turn the recurring themes and variations that can be seen from the very beginning of long careers to the present day. So much of contemporary art is about the cult of the new - our interest is to take in the longer view; to reach a deeper understanding of where each artist is now, by considering where they have been.

The definition of a leitmotif in music is that it develops and repeats in different forms. Here too with each artist we see familiar themes dance in and out of view, constantly moving and changing, always evolving yet clearly from the same source.

Returning to a particular subject again and again can become a meditation - each time you will notice what is the same, but perhaps more - what is different. We are pleased to announce the opening of Leitmotif, a curated gallery exhibition that explores this notion further in the work of Garry Fabian Miller, Doug & Mike Starn, Ian McKeever, Bill Armstrong, Malick Sidibé, Stephen Inggs and Pascal Kern.

This will be a starting point for a series of new releases in the coming months, as we take an overview of each artist, examining the unique leitmotifs that can be seen throughout their work. These will be sent out to all of our current mailing list subscribers.

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We are delighted to celebrate the inaugural issue of imprint: an irregular periodical, dedicated to the work of a single artist; in-depth and in print.

imprint #1 features a substantial text by Mark Prince. The dialectical method of Ian McKeever is examined in depth, along with the wider context of contemporary art made during this period - the relationship between early conceptual art of the 60's and 70's, modernism and post-modernism, refracted by the long history of traditional British Landscape Art; the role of landscape as a pretext for a process, rather than as subject or object, and the tension between the differing modes of representation and material qualities of photography, painting and drawing:

"Ian McKeever's art of the 1970s and 80s is remarkable, for that time and context, in attempting to juggle large-scale painterly abstraction and conceptual, analytical modes. Rather than striving to resolve these contradictions, he transmuted them into a dialectical model which would give onto a series of others, as though in its image: between painting and photography; belief and reason; abstraction and representation; logic and intuition. True to the conceptual, relativistic side of this equation, McKeever's art of the 1970s embodies a conception of an artistic practice as a space accommodating forms of conflict and doubt which later generations would consider threatening to the coherence and autonomy of a single, artistic position, and even an artist's functional self-identity. In the context of market-driven, early 21st-century contemporary art, in which an artist, as marketable entity, is synonymous with a brand and should appear as resolved and singular in purpose as possible from the moment his work is presented, it is salutory to perceive the trajectory of McKeever's early work admitting the irreconcilability of coexisting positions as an ongoing rather than resolvable condition."

Mark Prince, Against Photography: Early Works, 1975-1990.
imprint #1, July 2014

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Our next publication in the imprint series will be officially released in January 2015, however advance copies will be available at Paris Photo, November 12-16 and direct from the gallery.

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