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HackelBury Fine Art deals in 20th and 21st Century works of art from a carefully selected stable of artists, and is founded on the shared expertise, passion, & experience of Sascha Hackel & Marcus Bury, dealers & curators since 1990.

Our primary focus is on pioneering contemporary mid-career artists, with an emphasis on museum projects. Pushing the boundaries of various media; the work and practice of these artists encompasses the worlds of photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture and performance. Always difficult to classify, they stand out in a contemporary landscape that is heavily influenced by status and commodification rather than inherent artistic value and presence. Likewise the gallery has resisted expansion, distilling our stable to a select few artists with long and distinguished careers. Our current pre-occupation is a return to the very earliest works in each artist's history, researching in-depth back to the essence and source of their current position and practice. Rejecting market-led rapid turnover and the cult of the new, in favour of depth and breadth of vision, and the gradual manifestation of a life's work.

All of this is echoed in our approach to collectors, building long-term relationships and a dynamic conduit direct to the artists. The focus is on illuminating the ideas and philosophy of each artist, and the experience of the work itself – what it means to us on a visceral rather than purely an intellectual or commercial level. This can offer a much more personal and meaningful way to collect, particularly with regular studio trips to meet the artists where possible. These visits are always in small groups, and both artists and collectors find the exchange uplifting and inspirational. Rare early works are often discovered, along with the latest projects and series before they are seen in public. Eschewing aggressive sales tactics, HackelBury prefers a quieter approach; a unique sensitivity to the nuances of the market, the collector and the artist, as each develops and changes.

The gallery was opened in 1998 and continues to develop and thrive through an expanding program of gallery exhibits, museum projects and publishing ventures.
Kate Stevens joined HackelBury as Director in 2003; with over twenty years experience with both new and established collectors she will be happy to answer all your questions about building and maintaining your collection, along with Gallery Manager Phil Crook.

The gallery also maintains excellent contact with dealers and private collectors worldwide, sourcing specific items on the secondary market for many of our collectors. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requests.

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General Terms:

Artworks will be shipped or made available for collection only upon receipt of payment in full.
All sales are final.

Shipping is not included in prices, and will be quoted separately according to the weight & dimensions of your purchase and the destination. The quote will include shipping, packing, and full insurance. The shipping charge will be added to your invoice upon purchase, along with any applicable taxes.

We ensure that all works are in pristine condition as they leave the gallery or shipper. Please notify us within 24 hours of receipt if for any reason your purchase arrives with damage from transit.

Availability in some cases may be subject to prior sale, particularly in the case of unique works. We apologise for any inconvenience, and hope that you will take the opportunity to make contact with us directly if you are interested in purchasing any of the works displayed online.

Please note that we do not accept unsolicited artist submissions.

© 2016 HackelBury Fine Art, Ltd. Copyright for all images is held by the respective artist or estate and they may not be reproduced in any form without express permission. All rights reserved.

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