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Making, Thinking, Living is a highly personal and original exhibition which has enabled the acclaimed photographer Garry Fabian Miller to represent his long held interests in modern and contemporary craft through the means of curatorship. He has assembled an interconnected arrangement of craft objects, drawn from the collections of the Crafts Study Centre, beginning with the etching Autumn 1933 by Robin Tanner, and including textiles by the pioneer weavers Elizabeth Peacock and Ethel Mairet, as well as tableware by Lucie Rie. These public works counterpoint a number of pieces drawn from his personal collection, including a fine series of caddy jars by Richard Batterham.

Making, Thinking, Living offers Garry Fabian Miller a curatorial platform on which to articulate deeply felt views about the place of craft in contemporary discourse and the priority that is often given to fine art practice. He presents a view of accommodation, noting how makers such as Robin Tanner ‘integrated a way of life, making and thought’ and yet continued to propose radical intensity often through pedagogic means.

Exhibition runs from Tuesday 18 October to Saturday 18 December 2016


Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-4pm



HackelBury Fine Art was excited to present for the first time in Hong Kong, the works of six internationally celebrated artists working conceptually with photography and painting.

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