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In March 2016 HackelBury Fine Art was excited to present for the first time in Hong Kong, the works of six internationally celebrated artists working conceptually with photography and painting.


閱讀關於畫廊及在香港Art Central藝博會中展出的藝術家

艺术画廊非常荣幸地宣布, 将在香港首次展出六位著名国际艺术家的摄影和绘画概念艺术作品

阅读关于画廊以及在香港Art Central艺博会中展出的艺术家

We feature new works by Garry Fabian Miller, Doug & Mike Starn, Ian McKeever and William Klein and works from the Estate of Saul Leiter seen for the first time.

If you have enquiries please email:

date unknown by Saul Leiter

* Download pdf guide for Saul Leiter

Doug & Mike Starn

alleverythingthatisyou, bomtolseg, 2005-13 by Doug & Mike Starn

Download PDF guide for Doug & Mike Starn

Ian McKeever

Installation view, Ian McKeever's Dorset studio '...and the sky dreamt it was the sea', January 2016

* Download PDF guide for Ian McKeever



Garry Fabian Miller

Its Open Clear Light, 2014 by Garry Fabian Miller

* Download PDF guide for Garry Fabian Miller

William Klein

Broadway by Light Film strips #3 and #4, 1958 by William Klein

* Download PDF guide for William Klein

Stephen Inggs

* Download PDF guide for Stephen Inggs




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