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Our previous exhibition was William Klein: Black and Light, which ran from February to April 2015

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* Details for 'imprint #2 - William Klein: Black and Light' publication

William Klein: Black and Light, (1952-2015) is the first publishing of a seminal maquette created in 1952 by cult photographer, film-maker and master of the photo book, William Klein (USA, born 1928). It is comprised completely of experimental photograms made only with light and movement - events captured and transformed in the darkroom. Created just after and inspired by Klein’s late 40’s/early 50’s geometric paintings and screens, when first exhibited in 1953 they led directly to his invitation to work for Vogue in 1954. The rest, as they say, is history.

“ This was Klein’s first attempt at making a book. It is here that he began to play with scale, page layout, design and sequencing, developing the skills that would come to shape the string of influential publications for which he is justly celebrated. Indeed that first maquette has all the Klein hallmarks: the free flow of motifs, the unbounded graphic energy, the flattened all-over compositions, the refusal of white borders to contain the prints, full bleeds to the edge of the page and double-spreads crossing the gutter. More to the point, the imagery is not in the book, like plates in an album: the imagery is the book. Form and content are entirely unified so that book becomes a work in itself, a coherent object of art and design”

David Campany, 2015, imprint #2

The accompanying exhibition at HackelBury Fine Art featured large-scale abstract silver gelatin prints seen for the first time since 1952, as well as several that were featured in Klein’s retrospective at Tate Modern, 2012-13. The exhibition also featured large-format stills from Klein’s first film in colour, ‘Broadway by Light, 1958’ as well as running the film itself within the show. The colour and form of the lettered signs and lights on broadway could also be seen in a monumental painted Lettrist mural from the early sixties. Finally we saw the experimental light drawings incorporated into a fashion spread shot for Vogue in 1962, featuring ‘Who are you Polly Magoo’ actress Dorothy McGowan, and in a selection of covers for Domus magazine.

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