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September 2005. Our annual showcase of recent finds and acquisitions. Sourced worldwide, we present a selection of the most renowned artists and photographers today.

Throughout the year we research and locate many such pieces as part of our secondary market service.

Please contact us at the gallery if you have specific requests, or to find out more about works available in this exhibition.

For further information please email kate@hackelbury.co.uk



June 2005. A gallery favourite for many years, we are delighted to present Allan Jenkins first major show, featuring many new works.

Using natural light and forms to create beautiful and delicate studies, Allan has become a master of the hand-crafted cyanotype print...

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May 2005. Michael Kenna is widely recognised as the foremost landscape photographer of his generation, his career now spanning over thirty years. Often working at dawn or during the night, Kenna explores and illuminates the effects that human civilisation has on the natural world, recording the sculptural evidence and traces that man leaves behind...

... read more... or go straight to the image gallery



February 2005. For the first time in London, we introduced the stunning contemporary colour photography of Victor Schrager.

Over the past twenty years, books have been both subject and backdrop in Schrager’s photographs. These beautiful fields of colour appear simultaneously as everyday objects and sublime images... read more...

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November 2004. Abbott's New York City images have come to define 1930's New York, capturing the American metropolis emerging into the Twentieth Century, the symbol of modern urbanism.

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We also exhibited classic images of New York including Arthur Leipzig, William Klein , Ted Croner and Elliott Erwitt can also be seen in the Cityscape section of our EXPLORE! Guide.


September 2004. For the first time in London, we featured a rare collection of photographs from American master Harry Callahan, exhibited as part of our on-going collecting programme.

For more than fifty years Harry Callahan created some of the most innovative and expressive photographs the medium had ever seen, you can read more ... or go straight to the image gallery




June 11th - July 31st, 2004
we had a rare opportunity to exhibit new work from contemporary French Master Pascal Kern.

He uses photography to produce ‘sculptures’ exploring the question of volume in all its aspects...

Read more ... or go straight to the image gallery

March 6th - June 4th 2004 we exhibited a wonderful new body of work from one of our most sought after young photographers, Edward Dimsdale.

This exhibition marked a distinctive shift into large format installations, limited to an edition of ten.

We also presented the original studies for the larger works as small-scale individual maquettes - a fascinating glimpse into the creative process and a rare opportunity to acquire a unique work of art from this exciting young artist.

To preview the show online go straight to his new image gallery

or read more ...


March 12 - May 1, 2004 we presented the London debut of these stunning large-format works by South African artist Stephen Inggs. Each one is hand-coated silver gelatin emulsion onto 100% cotton mould-made paper ...

read more ...

or go straight to his image gallery


Jan 22nd - March 5th 2004 we presented a retrospective of the celebrated photo-journalist Dennis Stock.

Best known for his seminal portrait of James Dean in Times Square, we were delighted to introduce his debut exhibition in London. The show featured portraits of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, alongside images from his cult book 'Jazz Street'.

Go straight to the image gallery or

EXPLORE! Icons of Modern Photography

Our christmas show for 2003. If you are starting a collection of photography with £2000, £20,000 or £200,000 – where to begin? Which are the icons of modern photography that are accessible and available? We presented key images from some of the great pioneers and masters of photography, to launch our online guide to collecting and EXPLORE! galleries...

... read more about the show
... go straight to the image gallery
... explore our collecting guide
... go straight to the explore galleries

(b. France 1908)

Our retrospective exhibition of 20th century master Henri Cartier-Bresson took place September 20 - November 1, 2003. Celebrating his 95th year, the show also coincided with the long-awaited opening of the Cartier-Bresson Foundation in Paris.

To mark this exciting occasion we gathered together reflections and quotes from other key photographic figures, including both his peers and the generations that follow. Read what they had to say by clicking on the names to the right.

You can also go straight to the image gallery
or read more ... 

Eve Arnold
Marcus Bury
Bruce Davidson
Edward Dimsdale
Leonard Freed
Sascha Hackel
Frank Horvat
Allan Jenkins
Katia Liebmann
Don McCullin
Arnold Newman
Marc Riboud
Willy Ronis
Ferdinando Scianna

(b. France 1923)

The timeless classics of Marc Riboud were exhibited June 18-July 31, 2003, as part of the MADE IN PARIS Festival of French Photography and video.

In 1950, Marc Riboud took a week off from his factory job to take pictures at a local arts festival. Three years later, he had become one of France’s most celebrated photographers ....

... read more

or go straight to the image gallery


(b. Mali circa 1921 - 2001)

May 7 - June 10, 2003 we exhibited a selection of rare prints by
celebrated Mali photographer Seydou Keïta alongside his
fellow countryman and portraitist, Malick Sidibé. This coincided with a joint show at the National Portrait Gallery, London

The traditions and textures of all levels of African status and wealth have been beautifully recorded in the sittings of master Mali portraitist Seydou Keïta ...

... read more
or go straight to the image gallery


(b. Mali circa 1935)

Malick Sidibé’s pictures reflect the convivial and carefree atmosphere
of a post-colonial African capital. Beyond that they are simple,
spontaneous, yet extremely beautiful images, revealing his love of
people and his passion for photography ..

... read more
or go straight to the image gallery


(b. 1954)
Mandrake Tango by Liz Rideal exhibited March 13th - 25th April 2003

Terry O’Neill exhibited 23rd January - 5th March 2003
exhibited 2nd November 2002 - 11th January 2003

(b. 1928)
Frank Horvat exhibited 13th September - 26th October 2002

... read more

or go straight to the image gallery

(b. Mali c.1935)
Malick Sidibé exhibited 20th June - 1st August 2002

(b. France 1952)
Pascal Kern exhibited 2nd May - 15th June 2002

(b. France 1910)
Willy Ronis exhibited 7th March - 27th April 2002

Light from Within by Linda McCartney exhibited 24th January - 2nd March 2002

Elliott Erwitt exhibited 31st October - 20th December 2001

Ara Güler exhibited 12th September - 20th October 2001

Berlin 328 by Katia Leibmann exhibited 21st June - 28th July 2001

Roderick Packe exhibited 10th May - 16th June 2001

Including Elliott Erwitt, Henri Cartier Bresson, Marc Riboud & Willy Ronis
exhibited 15th March - 5th May 2001

Martine Franck exhibited 25th January - 28th February 2001

Arnold Newman exhibited 2nd November - 21st December 2000

Seasonal Stills II, by Liz Rideal exhibited14th June - 5th August 2000

(b.circa 1921 -2001)
Seydou Keïta exhibited 14th June - 5th August 2000

(b. France 1923)
Marc Riboud, A Retrospective, exhibited 10th February - 1st April 2000

(b. France 1952)
Vraies Semblances by Frank Horvat exhibited11th November 1999 - 29th January 2000
(b.Germany 1906)
Ellen Auerbach exhibited 9th September - 30th October 1999

Edward Dimsdale (b.1965) & Allan Jenkins (b. 1969) exhibited
3rd June - 31st July 1999, alongside Roderick Packe (b. 1961)
Edouard Boubat exhibited 11th February - 27th March 1999
alongside David Michael Kennedy

(b. France 1952)
Pascal Kern exhibited 11th February - 27th March 1999
Roman Vishniac was the inaugural exhibition at the gallery,
15th October - 18th December 1998

For all enquiries please contact: katestevens@hackelbury.co.uk

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