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Alys Tomlinson lockdown guardian

Alys Tomlinson | Through My Lockdown Lens | 2020

Alys Tomlinson featured in the article: "Through my lockdown lens: 11 leading photographers capture their confinement" in The Guardian.

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Alys tomlinson portrait pilgrimage

Podcast interview with Ben Smith | February 2020

Alys Tomlinson speaks to Ben Smith about how she got into photography, her Ex Voto project, and first trips to Lourdes.

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Alys Tomlinson | The Large Format Photography Podcast 

Alys Tomlinson talks about her Ex-Voto project, discussing its background, as well as it’s ideas and thoughts it provokes.

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Alys Tomlinson Ex Voto

Podcast | 10 Frames Per Second | 2019

Listen to podcast with Alys Tomlinson for 10 Frames Per Second.

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United Nations of Photography | 2019

Alys Tomlinson takes on the challenge of supplying Grant Scott with the answer to the question ‘What Does Photography Mean to You?’.

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Press image from the Guardian Top Photography Shows of 2019

Alys Tomlinson | The Guardian: Top 10 Photography Shows of 2019

The Guardian names Alys Tomlinson's solo exhibition The Faithful, presented by HackelBury Fine Art at the Rencontres d'Arles, as one of the top 10 photography exhibitions of the year.

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Ex Voto Alys Tomlinson Portraiture

Interview | The Standout Photography Show

Matthew Dawalker speaks to Alys Tomlinson for The Standout Photography Show.

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Alys Tomlinson-Rencontres Arles-Prix Public photography award-HackelBury Fine Art-London

Alys Tomlinson | Arles New Discovery Award
Winner: Public Prize
The Faithful Exhibition | 1 July - 22 September

We're excited to announce Alys Tomlinson has been awarded the Public Prize for her exhibition at the Rencontres d'Arles 2019 Louis Roederer New Discovery Award. This exhibition was also shortlisted for the the Prix de la Photo Madame Figaro Arles 2019.

The Faithful explores the life of Vera, an Orthodox Christian nun whose portrait is a central and powerful work in the Ex-Voto series. The exhibition of both photographs and film gives a deeper context to the portrayal of living a life of faith.

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Photographic artwork of nun with a horse - Alys Tomlinson - Untitled-Sister Vera, Saint Elisabeth Convent, Belarus-i

Podcast interview with Gem Fletcher
July 2019

Alys Tomlinson speaks to Gem Fletcher about photographing people in their environment and how anthropology underpins her photographic approach. Listen to the podcast, The Messy Truth, on iTunes, Spotify, and Acast.

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Alys Tomlinson-Arles 2019-the Faithful-HackelBury FIne Art London-25-email

The Guardian | Arles Photography Festival
July 2019

Sean O'Hagan writes: "[Alys Tomlinson's] short film about a young nun, Vera, who works with wild horses in a convent in Belarus is another highlight, serene and oddly sensual, evoking an inner peace expressed through images of quiet stillness. In the visual overload of the festival, it was good to be reminded of the enduring power of quietly attentive images."

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Untitled 26-Ex Voto-Alys Tomlinson

Feature | 1000 Words | 2019

Issue no. 30 of 1000 Words includes an essay by Caroline Molloy on Alys Tomlinson's Ex-Voto series and upcoming participation at the Rencontres d'Arles 2019.

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Pages from Alys Tomlinson-Black and White Photography Magazine-April 2019

Feature | Black and White Photography | 2019

The April issue includes an interview with Alys Tomlinson on her acclaimed series, Ex-Voto.

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Courtesy of Black+White Photography Magazine



Untitled 41-Ex Voto-Alys Tomlinson-black and white photography-ex-voto in rocks

Radio Interview | Resonance FM | 2019

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Alys Tomlinson - Vera - nun and horse - black and white photography

Photographing As Unobtrusive Observers | World Photography Organisation | 2018

Alys Tomlinson talks to the World Photography Organisation about Vera, a new series she created with her Professional Sony Grant.

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