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Garry Fabian Miller (b. Bristol, 1957) is best known for his boldly coloured abstract work made in the darkroom without a camera. His practice is characterised by long exposures of between one and fifteen hours, a distinct contrast to the photographic norm of split-second shutter release. Fabian Miller has mastered the quantities of light needed achieve nuanced and precise colours. Channelling light through coloured glass and liquid using cut paper forms, Fabian Miller creates luminous alternative realities that flow between pure abstraction and imagined landscapes. Light, timeand colour thus become both medium and subject in his work. These themes are deeply rooted in Fabian Miller’s sense of place as a rural artist and his connection to nature.  Walking the surrounding landscape of his Dartmoor studio, absorbing his surroundings before entering the darkroom to begin image-making. The artist becomes the camera, using a language of colour and form developed over 40 years.

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Garry Fabian Miller - Golden Installation image
Garry Fabian Miller, Bliss, at HackelBury Fine Art, 2016.
Garry Fabian Miller, HackelBury Fine Art

“The pictures I make are of something as yet unseen, which may only exist on the paper surface, or subsequently may be found in the world. I am seeking a state of mind which lifts the spirit, gives strength and a moment of clarity.”