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Garry Fabian Miller : Sections of England: The Sea Horizon.

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In 1976, at the age of 19, Garry Fabian Miller began the series Sections of England: The Sea Horizon. It consists of forty photographs taken from a fixed point on the roof of his home in Clevedon, overlooking the waters of Severn Estuary. Taken over eighteen months, all the images have the same square format with a line of the horizon dividing the word into the sea and the sky. The photographic elements of film and exposure remained constant, the only change from frame to frame is the time of day and the weather, making these photographs a powerful study of time and place.

The series was first shown as part of the Midland Open Exhibition at London’s Serpentine Gallery in 1977 and in a fuller form in his first solo exhibition at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol two years later. It was later acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

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Garry Fabian Miller Installation View

Garry Fabian Miller (b. Bristol, 1957) is known for his boldly coloured abstract work made in the darkroom without a camera. His practice is characterised by long exposures of between one and fifteen hours, a distinct contrast to the photographic norm of split-second shutter release. Fabian Miller has mastered the quantities of light needed achieve nuanced and precise colours.

"Miller translates his observations into the purest photographic forms, working without a camera and transcribing light directly onto photo-sensitive paper. Now that he’s down to the last 100 sheets of his beloved Cibachrome, which was taken out of production in 2011, he intends to “go out in a blaze of light”

The British Journal of Photography #7889
Interview by Imogen Greenhalgh

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Garry Fabian Miller British Journal of Photography

Video Interview for Dovecot Tapestry Studios 

‘I intervene between the light and the paper to enable the range of different images to exist.’