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HackelBury Fine Art deals in 20th and 21st-century artworks from a carefully selected stable of artists. The gallery was opened in 1998 and continues to evolve and progress through an expanding program of gallery exhibitions, museum projects and publishing ventures.

Our primary focus is on pioneering contemporary mid-career artists, with an emphasis on museum projects. Pushing the boundaries of various media; the work and practice of these artists encompasses the worlds of photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture and performance.

Our approach to collectors aims to build long-term relationships and a dynamic conduit direct to the artists. The focus is on illuminating the ideas and philosophy of each artist, and the experience of the work itself – what it means to us on a visceral level. This offers a more personal and considered way of collecting, particularly with regular studio trips to meet the artists where possible. These visits are always in small groups, resulting in an enriching exchange for both artists and collectors.

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The London gallery is a hub of activity from which outside events and projects are created. As well as our busy program of Art Fairs, we often create a salon style residential space when we travel so that collectors can see a broader range of works in a more relaxed setting.

We arrange  visits to the studios of our artists, allowing a direct exchange of ideas and inspiration, and the opportunity to see how and where the work is created. Experiencing the many layers of historical work across the years and connections between seemingly disparate series can deepen our understanding of long and wide-ranging careers. Not only do we see the latest works and new ideas in development, we can also delve back to the earliest works and see how fundamental preoccupations have persisted and evolved over time.


Ian McKeever, Twelve Standing. Installation at HackelBury off-site