Masterpiece 2022

30 June - 6 July 2022 

HackelBury Fine Art, London were delighted to be taking part in Masterpiece 2022 which returns to the South Grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. 


We were showing work by acclaimed artists such as Garry Fabian Miller, Doug and Mike Starn, William Klein and mid-career artists such as Nadezda Nikolova, Oli Kellett and Coral Woodbury. 


The portrait, as a way of representing history, is explored in the work of Doug and Mike Starn, William Klein and Coral Woodbury. The abstract seascapes and landscapes seen in the work of the Starns, Garry Fabian Miller and Nadezda Nikolova share a meditative quality in which time and place are suspended and the viewer is encouraged to look beyond what they see. The works on exhibition examine the power of light, the contrast of black and white against colour, the human presence and the stillness of time. In the urban landscapes from Oli Kellett’s Cross Road Blues series the figures appear “alone with their thoughts for a few seconds”. Kellett’s largescale photographs, taken at crossroads in cities across North and South America, capture a stillness and contrast the anonymity of urban space with the individuality of human experience.