Art Miami 2021

5 - 11 December 2021 

HackelBury Fine Art, London was pleased to be returning to Art Miami 2021 this year in Downtown Miami. HackelBury was showing work by Bill Armstrong, Garry Fabian Miller, Stephen Inggs, William Klein, Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer, Doug and Mike Starn and Coral Woodbury.


The works on show represent a language of contrasts–colour and monochrome, light and darkness, order and chaos, circle and square, sky and sea, black and white, abstraction and reality. Garry Fabian Miller and Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer create floating shapes and forms using camera-less photography to create meditative works which have an almost metaphysical effect on the viewer. The seascapes of Garry Fabian Miller and Doug and Mike Starn anchor us, as we reflect on the forces of nature around us. The fragility and strength of nature is further explored in work by Doug and Mike Starn in which “random chaos” and interconnected moments are examined. Stephen Ingg’s work focuses on material objects to explore traces of history and meaning and Coral Woodbury’s portraits of women artists, emerging from the pages of Janson’s History of Art, remind us that history is not intransigent and perception changes with time. William Klein depicts the urban landscape with an uncompromising honesty which reveals an alternative reality and the ambiguity seen in Bill Armstrong’s ghostly ‘out of focus’ figure ultimately remind us of the interconnection between abstraction and reality.