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Stephen Inggs’ creative research focuses on the visual representation of overlooked material objects and places, as emblems of transience and history. Using an ‘archaeographical’ method of finding, collecting and photographing, his creative work explores ideas about the meaning of objects and places, and the potency that lies in their associations and traces of history, society, nature and culture. The objective of his work is to create new layers of meaning, linking our thoughts about the constructions of the past in relation to the present. The process of working with material objects as still lives and reviving them from relative obscurity, underlines the way it is possible to transform an object’s value, and confer a canonical status to something that has been previously overlooked. His research looks at ways in which visual analysis and creative translation can give new meaning to human engagement with the inanimate object world.

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“For me, objects, particularly old objects which are worn and have been used and had a function previous, retain a history and have the ability to trigger some kind of response in terms of memory.”