Portraits, Landscapes, Abstractions

18 July 2024

Celebrating 26 years this summer, HackelBury Fine Art, London is pleased to present Portraits, Landscapes, Abstractions, from 18th July – 3rd August (reopens 27th August). 

The group exhibition features various mediums, including photography, papercut, collage, Kallitypes, wet plate collodion, and drawing.


Alys Tomlinson's striking black-and-white photography captures intimate close-up portraits. Her 'Gli Isolani' series showcases portraits of Italian Islanders, while  'Lost Summer'  features young adults in their prom outfits, taken during the COVID lockdown.

In contrast, Bill Armstrong's abstract and blurred portraits from his 'Infinity series’ present floating figures set against saturated colour.

Colour is significant in Coral Woodbury's 'In Place – Himalayan Colors' series. Here, Woodbury creates a personal travelogue by finding a timeworn book specific to a location and recording her experiences through the language of colour.

Nadezda Nikolova reimagines landscapes in her abstract series, capturing a singular sense of oneness and universal connectivity as a homage to nature. Meanwhile, Katja Liebmann's 'Gotham City' series focuses on urban landscapes, and Alexander Vitkine's work highlights industrial silhouettes in his signature black-and-white photographs.

Oli Kellet's 'Soap Drawing' series, which he began in 2019, offers a more introspective approach. This daily practice involves drawing a bar of soap and documenting its minute changes as it diminishes over time, serving as a metaphor for life's journey and transformation.

Portraits, Landscapes, Abstractions’ provides a rich exploration of themes, artistic processes and practices, inviting viewers to engage with each artist's unique vision and technique.