Medium and Memory catalogue

Medium and Memory catalogue is published to coincide with the exhibition at HackelBury Fine Art, London. 


Medium and Memory, guest curated by feminist art historian, Griselda Pollock, draws attention to the multiple ways in which eight contemporary artists, seven women and one man, from Kazakstan to the North of England, from Boston to London, share their sensitivity to medium – be that painting, drawing, photography or animation, – with their ethical commitment to both the burdens and pleasures of memory.⁠

From different generations, ethnicities, and locations, they share their meditations on many facets of cultural memory—from painful historical events and migration journeys to reading literature for its colour palette, from contesting exclusionist art history books’ effacement of women artists to discovering visual puns across newspapers and illustrated books both humorous and tragic.⁠

November 10, 2023