One Picture Book Two #33 : Elemental Forms by Nadezda Nikolova

published by Nazraeli Press

One Picture Book Two #33 : Elemental Forms by Nadezda Nikolova published by Nazraeli Press ·


"Straddling the line between representation and abstraction, the pared down visual vocabulary arises from the immediacy of the photogram as I explore the boundaries of the photographic medium, placing it in conversation with painting, collage, graphic arts, and sculpture. The compositions, ranging in mood from contemplative stillness to dynamism and movement, employ shape, artifact, gesture, and tonal range to explore balance and rhythm."⁠

Nadezda Nikolova⁠

The book is published in a limited edition of 500 copies. Each of them includes a 4x5 inch original print which has been signed by the artist. HackelBury have a limited number of Nadezda's book for sale. 
October 1, 2023