Interview with Griselda Pollock: Empire Lines

An episode of Empire Lines podcast in which Jelena Sofronijevic interviews Griselda Pollock about Medium and Memory which Griselda curated for ⁠HackelBury's recent exhibition⁠

Focusing predominantly on women artists, Medium and Memory staged four conversations pairing eight artists from different countries, generations, ethnicities, and personal histories who all share a deep engagement with the materiality of their media—painting drawing, moving image, photography and photo-collage—while focussing on memory—personal, historical, cultural, suppressed, discovered, restored.⁠

Empire Lines podcast uncovers the unexpected, often two-way, flows of empires through art, and historicity.⁠ Jelena says about her practice, "I use audio, print, and narrative storytelling to deconstruct seemingly ‘simple’ sociopolitical issues, and platform alternative, marginalised perspectives."⁠


Listen to the episode here

March 15, 2024