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Nadezda Nikolova

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In Elemental Forms: Landscapes Rearticulated, Nadezda returns to the investigation of the connection between human and the landscape and attempts to give it a new form. Following the words by the physicist David Bohm who claims that ‘change of meaning is required to change the world’s politics, economics, and society. This change of meaning must begin with the individual.’ Nadezda perceives the landscape as an ‘idea’, an idea that can be re-comprehended. By rearticulating the forms that can be found in the landscape – the sinuous lines, recognizable also from her previous series – she arranges them into new compositions, bringing new associations.

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Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer (b. 1978, former Yugoslavia) is a photographic artist presently working with wet plate collodion photograms – a historical technique dating back to the 1850s which uses light-sensitive salts to cover a glass plate before exposing it to the light in a portable darkroom. Her practice is informed by an experimental approach to early photographic processes and her interest in the image as an object. Captivated by the fluidity of wet plate collodion, she manipulates the medium while simultaneously courting chance intrinsic to handmade photography: “I spray, dab and brush on the chemistry in a performative enactment rather than an image capture. (Sometimes, the brush strokes leave physical marks on the emulsion.) In essence, I am negotiating with the chemistry, guiding it. But only to a point. The chemistry has a say in the final image.”

“The images are made with thought, intention, and pure refined skill with the materials used. They may be imagined or reconstructed, but they present the opportunity to journey to intriguing lands.”

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