Oli Kellett - Crossroads

Oli Kellett (b.1983) is a British photographer based in Hastings, UK. He studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art before working in the advertising industry, drawing layouts and writing scripts for TV. In 2008 he shifted his attention to photography full time. In 2016 he began work on Cross Road Blues, focusing on individuals standing pensively at urban intersections offering an allegory of America’s uncertain political future. But, as Kellett’s series proceeds to include countries like Japan, Brazil, and Mexico, its more universal relevance has been elucidated. ‘Fellow Humans’, Kellett’s second solo show with HackelBury Fine Art gallery in London, foregrounds the existential and moral quandaries we all face daily, and which are superbly dramatized in the artist’s large-scale prints.


Film by Will Garthwaite
Sound Design by Patrick Lee