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William Klein - 48th and 7th Ave. The sandwich preacher with sign, 1954-55

The Guardian | Six to See: William Klein. Manifiesto
June 2019

The first major Spanish retrospective of William Klein's work takes place within the framework of the PHotoEspaƱa festival June - September 2019 and proposes to unite all the segments of the artist's pictorial, photographic, graphic and cinematographic work.

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The Guardian has named this exhibition one of the "Six to See" at PhotoEspaƱa 2019.

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The Guardian | Fashionably Lit: William Klein's Vogue Experiments - in pictures
May 2017

In this 1962 image series, William Klein blends sharp fashion with expressive light in a now-classic Vogue photoshoot.

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William Klein - Dorothy shooting light from hip, Paris, 1962

Wallpaper* | Focal Hero: photography legend William Klein on 70 years of pioneering image-making
May 2017

Wallpaper* talked to William Klein in his Paris apartment in May 2017

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Evening Standard | William Klein: Black and Light 1952-2015, HackelBury Fine Art exhibition Review
April 2015

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William Klein - Dorothy juggling white light balls, Paris, 1962
William Klein - Candy Store, New York, 1955

Financial Times Magazine | William Klein
September 2012

As next month's retrospective at Tate Modern will show, the US-born painter, photographer and filmmaker has lived his artistic life to the fullest. Liz Jobey met him in the city he has long called home: Paris.

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Tate Etc. | Double Vision: William Klein + Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern

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William Klein - Piazza di Spagna (variant), 1960