Oli Kellett: Fellow Humans

10 September - 4 November 2020


Fellow Humans focuses on Kellett’s ongoing and evolving Cross Road Blues series made up of large scale photographs taken at crossroads in cities across North and South America. The exhibition includes new works on show for the first time such as Madison St, New York, Tremont St, Boston and Avenida Almirante Barroso, Rio de Janeiro which capture a stillness and grace that characterizes the photographs in this series.


Kellett’s largescale photographs contrast the anonymity of urban space with the individuality of human experience. The scale of these photographs captures tangible human expression and allows the viewer to recognise a moment of conscious contemplation in their lives.


Kellett´s journey to find the perfect light sees him walking the streets for days before setting up his large format architectural camera and waiting to capture these intensely private moments.  The way the buildings frame his photographs and his focus on the light creates a cinematic quality, providing a dramatic architectural backdrop to these unstaged scenes. An admirer of the great American painter Edward Hopper, who famously reflected American life in silent spaces and melancholic moments, Kellett´s mesmerizing photographs of everyday people waiting at crossroads provide us with a powerful contemporary metaphor.