Ian McKeever: …and the sky dreamt it was the sea

11 March - 28 May 2016

“As a child I grew up close to the sea, it was ever present, in the air, in the skies, in its ceaseless ebb and flow. I can still feel that peculiar sensation of standing on the beach, looking out, with the sea heaving up to meet me. Bellying up as it squeezed me between itself and the sky, trapped between two membranes which were different yet the same, the one echoing back to the other” – Ian McKeever


Ian McKeever: …and the sky dreamt it was the sea is on view at HackelBury Fine Art, London 11th March to 28th May 2016. This marks the gallery debut of this series which join’s together photography and painting. Turning photographs of the sky upside-down, clouds mimic the waves of the ocean. Ian McKeever: …and the sky dreamt it was the sea runs in tandem with Garry Fabian Miller: Golden, also at the London gallery.