imprint publication - Bliss - Garry Fabian Miller

2 May - 4 July 2015

An evolutionary moment: as one chapter comes to an end, so another begins; history adapts and develops into the future.


Bliss features over fifty unique dye-destruction prints transformed as editioned objects on a monumental scale; the culmination of almost forty years practice using this material. The making of dye-destruction prints will reach a necessary end in 2016; the unique objects of the past transitioning into a repository for the future.


Bliss celebrates the beginning of this new era, in the form of a richly illustrated artists’ book. In a limited run of six hundred, each book includes a signed and numbered Lambda c-print from a choice of forty-nine available works, approximately 20 x 24” according to individual format, with each image limited to an edition of ten. Each work is also available as a large-scale print, limited to an edition of three.