Garry Fabian Miller: Voyage

12 September - 19 October 2013
“The dye destruction print, my medium for forty years, is all but extinct, but the images it has allowed me to make are alive and they have the potential to be modified and to be reconnected in new ways to the changing world.”

This 2018 imprint publication Voyage is printed in conjunction with the collaborative exhibition between Garry Fabian Miller and Dovecot Studios, held at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh between 2 February – 7 May 2018. This publication shares the story of the creation of the tapestry Voyage into the deepest, darkest blue, a new image based on the amalgamation of two of Fabian Miller’s cameraless photographs.


At 64 pages, 310mm x 240mm, Voyage reflects on the evolution of Fabian Miller’s practice along with the ancient art of tapestry making. An essay by Tanya Harrod provides insight into the intricacy involved in developing the tapestry, observing the relationship between the weavers and the piece and sharing the unseen complexity of wool dyeing and colour blending throughout the tapestry. In particular, the central horizon line where the colour transitions from the fiery lower section to the deep blue with a muted green flash represents the optical phenomenon that sometimes occurs just after sunset or before sunrise, also known as rayon vert.


The publication is available to purchase directly from the gallery. Please e-mail or call or order your copy.


View Dovecot’s Voyage exhibition page