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Waiting II

8th July – 1st September 2021

HackelBury Fine Art, London is pleased to present ‘Waiting II’ a group exhibition of work by HackelBury artists at HackelBury Fine Art, London from 8 July – 4 September 2021. The exhibition provides us with a momentary pause for reflection on the world around us as we take stock of the last year and a half. The work on show illustrates how individual artists interpret time and space in a uniquely personal way and allows us to consider how the suspension of time and certainty, as a result of the global pandemic, has affected us all. We have all shared a collective sense of unease, doubt and restrained hope. Yet the continuous waiting has also given us a chance to reconsider our lives and how we face the future.

HackelBury Fine Art will be showing work by Bill Armstrong, Garry Fabian Miller, Stephen Inggs, Oli Kellett, William Klein, Ian McKeever, Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer, Katja Liebman, Doug and Mike Starn, Alys Tomlinson and Coral Woodbury. The diverse group of artists has spent their careers exploring different mediums, including painting, photography, drawing and sculpture, to create meaningful and contemplative works.

Garry Fabian Miller pays homage to the circle, nature’s most perfect form whilst Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer creates abstract landscapes which seek to capture the essence of place which exists outside time and space. Nature’s fragile form is explored in the work of Doug and Mike Starn and in Ian McKeever’s mixed media works, he pushes against the notion of photography as a literal, figurative representation of reality.

For Katia Liebmann, Oli Kellett and William Klein the urban landscape becomes their subject-matter. Whilst Stephen Inggs chooses identifiable objects to create lyrical compositions which bring stillness. These contemplative images are juxtaposed with the weight of human presence in the work of Bill Armstrong, and the intensely penetrating portraits of Alys Tomlinson and Coral Woodbury.

The exhibition explores universal themes of light and darkness, fragility and strength, permanence and change, the power of nature and the human presence and the powerful interdependence of these worlds to provide us with stability and hope.


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